In South Africa, many schools within under-resourced communities provide learners with a daily complimentary meal. For many of the children, this will be their only meal of the day. Considering the high unemployment rate in the country, the reality is that many of the parents of these learners are unemployed and struggle to provide for their families. The negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have, unfortunately, worsened these statistics.

As a reaction to this social issue, the Affinity Family have realised the importance of ensuring that these children have a supply of food during the school holidays, when they do not receive their complimentary meal. Before every major school holiday, the generous staff from Affinity raise money to assist in purchasing food parcels that are handed out to every learner from the beneficiary school that we support.

The school has about 490 learners attending, and before the December holidays, every one of these children will be given a food parcel. The parcels are filled with items such as, soup, rice, maize meal, beans, tinned fish, biscuits, and stock. The learners can take these parcels home to their families to help support them throughout the holiday.

There is great feedback from this initiative as this significantly helps the families during difficult times and ensures children don’t go hungry.