As the festive season approaches, many start gearing up for the holidays by stocking up on presents and cooking mountains of food. A lucky few receive time off from work and enjoy a period of relaxation, copious amounts of food and much quality time and laughter with their loved ones.

In South Africa, where one of the largest wealth and inequality gaps across the world exists, it becomes easy to forget that not everyone has the same experience during this time of year, especially when if you are one of the lucky few. In fact, for many the festive season, and all that it comes with, can act as a burden. With primary breadwinners in many families across South Africa taking strain as children no longer receive complementary meals from school, accompanied by being out of work for that time of year. Resources run low and there is no additional support to help provide for the household. The onset of the covid-19 pandemic has made meeting ends meet even more difficult than usual for many.

The Affinity Group realise that many learners from our beneficiary school face this reality and as a result, the generous staff from The Affinity Group pull together to raise funds in order to provide every child from Isihlangusabasha Primary to take home a food parcel for the December holidays. This effort has been maintained from 2020, with three food parcel donations having been with a food parcel to take home to their families over this particularly difficult festive period.

The parcels consisted of basic food supplies that could assist in taking strain off the families of the 496 learners that attend the primary school. The parcels are delivered just before the school officially closes for the holiday period. We receive wonderful feedback regarding the way in which this small gift helps the families of the learners.

We aim to continue this tradition of giving for as long as we are able to!

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